Controversial Bow Hunting Innovations

There are many organizations that openly condemn bow hunting. The reasons vary from animal rights and ethics to possible human accident. With bow hunting as a controversy itself, find out the more controversial innovations for this sport.

  1. Crossbows and Crossbow Hunting

When Arkansas made crossbows legal during bow seasons in 1973 it was not well-received by the majority of bow hunters. But companies such as TenPoint and Barnett initiated crossbow’s mass production and many states legalized its use. With these steps, crossbows slowly proliferated and became more prevalent in hunting which catapulted its sales to 70 to 80 percent in five years.

Today, the crossbow often has a complicated legal status due to the possibility of lethal use and its similarities to both firearms and archery weapons. While some jurisdictions regard crossbows the same as firearms, many others do not require any sort of license to own a crossbow. The legality of using a crossbow for hunting varies widely around the world, and even within different jurisdictions of some federal countries.


  1. The Compound Bow

Holless Wilber Allen’s initial design was basic and mostly made of wood, the truss handle was made of pine boards and the limb cores were made of oak flooring. But the mechanics behind the design was revolutionary: use the principles of kinetic energy to design a pulley system for a bow that would increase arrow speed.

Like most changes, the reception for the revolutionary design of compound bow has been slow. Recurve loyalists have argued that the complicated cam/pulley system has made archery more difficult, requiring a bow press to make adjustments to let-off and draw length or even to simply replace a string.  Eventually, compound bow is slowly replacing recurve bows in hunting games and archery despite it being quite costly. Nowadays, there are best compound bow for the money-wise hunters who also values a quality game.

Compound Bow

  1. Poison Pod Arrows

The use of poison laced arrows dates back ancient times and therefore not a new or a very controversial issue. But the issue sparked controversy when American archery pioneers initiated the use of poison pod arrows.

This “innovation” was said to decrease the animal’s suffering a long, agonizing death. Liquid and powdered forms of powerful drugs such as anectine and succinylcholine chlorideloaded that are loaded into “pods” at the tip of an arrow interact with the animal’s muscle tissue and enter the blood stream, causing certain and fast death from even a poorly placed shot

Pod arrows never gained widespread support in hunting communities, and their use waned as most countries banned their use. However, there are still many bow hunters who resort to its use for easier and higher chance of hunt.



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