Top Gadgets That Made Our Lives Entertaining

We can’t deny the fact that we are living in a modern world where technology is used everywhere.

It is difficult to deny, but technologies made our lives more satisfying every year. Living robots, androids, flying cars, futuristic buildings, that’s how you view the future before, right?

That might be possible soon in the future, but we still have some technologies and gadgets which help us in our daily life. So, to understand how technology and gadgets changed our lives, here are some of the top gadgets of all time that made our lives enjoyable.

Nintendo Gameboy

Nintendo Gameboy

This Eyestrain Giving Gadget Made our Childhood Perfect

People especially millennials who had this in their childhood is quite lucky.

Despite the Gameboy’s low-quality graphics, it doesn’t stop people from playing this. But why? Graphics doesn’t matter before and the simple gameplay that it provides is what makes Gameboy enjoyable.

The only downside – you will have an asthma attack trying to blow out the dust from your cartridges.

Game Consoles

Sega Genesis and Nintendo SNES to me are the most important pieces of hardware in gaming history.

Without this rivalry, gaming will surely be different today. It made our lives as a kid more interesting and enjoyable. When the weekend comes, the first thing you’ll look is your Legend of Zelda cartridge to finish it. You even dress your sister with the twilight princess outfits from the game.


What can be a better souvenir than a photograph? As they say, A picture paints a thousand words.

Old cameras have a film, which means that taking a photo is limited before until a modern camera came. The modern camera can offer you unlimited photos which you can view directly and even printed it instantly.

But I personally love the Polaroid one, funky!


Call, camera, radio, text, video chat, play games, that’s how smartphones help us feel more entertained and relax. It functions the same as laptops and desktops. But its portability and function made it a huge hit in the modern era. The package that it can offer can make our lifestyle easier and fun.

There are more useful technologies and gadgets we can expect in the future. So, relax and wait for more!