Update History

We strive to keep our products up to date at all costs. This is simply something that is very important for us to ensure that we create a quality product for our users. This is simply done by us making sure that our users feel safe within using our tools but at the same time also live up to all the requirements and needs there are out there today. We are doing this all in all by combining compatibility with succes. Below you can see the updates throughout the time to stay updated on how our tools has developed over time.

Patch 1.91b

Coming soon… Stay prepared

Patch 1.9b

This patch is simply a revolution. What we have done here is to completely revamp the GUI within Patch 1.9b and did some patch fixes.

  • New beautiful GUI
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed an error resulting in app closing for many


Patch 1.87xx

After our latest patch there were still some bugs that we still didn’t manage to fix.

  • More bug fixes
  • Improvements to the AI
  • More smooth
  • Less laggy experience


Patch 1.8

In this engine update we totally revamped the GUI of our icon creator.

  • Important bug fixes
  • Fixed some compatibility issues not allowing to run on Mac
  • ¬†Added new features including phone support in APP


We have removed the previous ones here

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